I’ve had a love of design and interiors for as long as I can remember. While waiting to see my pediatrician, I was reading Highlights and mentally rearranging the furniture to what I thought would be a much better layout. Why were all the chairs lined in a row when they could be used to create a cute conversation area? I thought I hit the lottery when my parents allowed me to redecorate my childhood bedroom and if you took a peek at my eighth grade yearbook, you would see interior decorator as my future career goal. But......sometimes life takes you in a different direction and after graduating from Stonehill College, I went on to start a career in social work. After some time, I decided to listen to my heart and went on to get my certificate in interior design from Rhode Island School of Design (which I’ve now held for over 10 years!) Starting my own business has always been a dream of mine and I eventually decided to turn those what-ifs into why-nots. With some hard work, and major support from my family and friends (ta-da!) The Room Co. was born!

maja's bio

The Room Co. is based on two very simple beliefs. The first is that the space you live in should be an extension of who you are and make you happy. The second is that you should be able to have that great space regardless of your budget. Great design should be fun, light-hearted and accessible and I think one of the best ways to make that happen is through pre-designed rooms available for you to simply buy and go! Whether creating a family room or a master bedroom, I love the challenge of making each and every project unique and I get excited about finding unexpected and unusual touches. I hope that I can help you to get super excited about creating an amazing space within your budget that you and your family will love to spend time in together!

about the room co.

Crazy about the following in no particular order: scarves, making lists, my family, cinnamon rolls and nachos (not at the same time), trying new restaurants, the idea of yoga, a really good laugh, traveling, a super spicy Bloody Mary, dancing (anywhere at anytime), snow storms, Friends with an uppercase F (as in Phoebe, Rachel, Monica, Joey, Chandler and Ross), friends with a lowercase f, all things lemon, being near water, sarcasm, and books.

maja's favorites

Top shelf mascot, unwitting Chewbacca impressionist, giant love bug and ultimate sleep snuggler (AKA Georgie the Porgie, The Porge, Georgie Girl and Wienerschnitzel).


Silly goose, adventurer, laugh-maker, huge-hearted, mountain biker, baseball player, ice cream connoisseur and overall the best kid a mom could ever want.


Amazing husband and even more amazing father, jack-of-all trades (or jeff-of-all-trades?), sounding board, huge steak fan, bourbon collector, all-round good guy and my best friend.


the company I keep