Before + After: Cheers to a New Bar |

Before + After: Cheers to a New Bar

Let me tell you about one of my favorite little secrets…my bar closet (although it’s not so secret anymore). I always felt so 007 when I opened the doors to a little area waiting for someone to mix up the perfect martini or pop open a bottle of champagne. But for a long time, even though the idea was feeling very 007, the look was NOT matching the vibe. Read on for a little more information and the details on where to find everything you see!

This little before and after project is my own and is located in one of two side by side closets in my family room. When we moved in, it seemed like the perfect area to house a little entertaining nook. At the time, we just shoved in what we already had: a wine tower that held more dust than wine, a small but mighty bar fridge and a cabinet handed down to us (that we actually had to cut on one side to fit in the space).

We originally had big plans for this nook. There was going to be cabinetry and lighting and a beautiful countertop with a built in cooler for ice and drinks. But to be honest, I got tired of waiting and decided that we needed to do something. NOW. We used this space wayyyyyy too much for it to be looking so sad and depressed. Go on and take a peek at these before pictures and you will see exactly what I mean…Oh. My. Goodness.

A before shot if there ever was one.

Halfway through clean up and clean out.

The first step was hauling everything out of there and getting rid of those one-hit-wonder bottles of liquor that were used to make one round of Blue Hawaiians for a themed party in 2015. The great stuff stayed, the iffy stuff went. We moved the fridge all the way over the left to allow for a larger cabinet that could hold more AND give us a little more table top area as well. I’m a huge fan of floating shelves and I loved the idea of adding some here to hold bottles, glasses and a couple of decorative items.

The design for the nook started with the marble based lamp that I loved and the oversized print of a quote that I could really get behind. Weirdly enough, the paper on the back wall was the last decision to be made! I’m super glad we went for it though…I think it really helps to make this little space feel like something special. It was amazing how changing up the paint to a warm white on the other walls really helped to open that whole area up (I also fell in love with this color after it went up…and it won’t be the last time I use it).

Is this even the same space? Photo by Angela Greenlaw.


Why limit happy to one hour? Photo by Angela Greenlaw.

In case you’d like to know, I actually do drink the wine that you see on the shelves. But truth be told, the bottles do get replaced up there pretty quickly. The smaller glass bowls contain just a part of our cork collection. We save the corks from most bottles of wine and mark them with the date, who we enjoyed them with and what we were doing. Some are amazing times to remember (like celebrating our 15th wedding anniversary in 2017) and others are a little less than amazing (like drank this alone watching Law + Order: SVU on a Friday night). It’s always fun to pull a few out and see what we were drinking to.

What’s in the other closet? Let’s just say it’s the anti-bar. I do have a 10 year old boy with a Nerf problem. Photo by Angela Greenlaw

The bar made her grand debut during a wine tasting party here at the house and has been open for business ever since. I used to keep these doors closed all the time. Now you’ll find them open a lot more often because I think I read somewhere “Why limit happy to one hour?”…Cheers!

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