Before + After: Family Room Full of Love |

Before + After: Family Room Full of Love

I have to admit before going any further, that this project was a super special one. And it was a special one for a couple reasons. The first is that this family room belongs to verrrrrry good friends of mine, Joel and Genesis…the kind of friends that are more like family. The second reason is that this really and truly is a “family” room for them. They value family above ANYTHING else and this space is where they hang out and live and love and create chaos and memories together. I felt so lucky to be able to help them turn this into a space that would be the backdrop for so much of their family fun.

Their house is absolutely adorable and this room had a lot of great things to start with: a fantastic fireplace feature, an impressive bookshelf made by Joel, plenty of seating and a perfect paint color. The goal was to inject some of their love of family into the space with a farmhouse fresh vibe. It needed to look great, but maybe more importantly it needed to work well for this family of four. With two young boys alwayyyyyys on the go (and a cute little dog), it needed to hold up to jumping and dancing and wrestling and any potential stains and spills.

Before shots coming at you…..righhhht….now.

And what’s a before shot without an after shot?!?

We started off this makeover using the colors already in the space to create a muted, soft, farmhouse inspired color palette. As far as the overall layout, there wasn’t much to play around with but it was important to add in a cozy, corner chair for Gen to curl up in and read (and believe me, she can curl up like a professional curler-upper). We also removed the oversized ottoman. It felt a little too large for the space and adding in a round coffee table with a more visually open feel helped things to feel a bit more spacious.

I love when clients are involved in the planning and have some things they love and want to use. This bookshelf was made by Joel and all it needed was a few new accessories to take it to its full potential.

Gen fell in love when she saw this wall print and so did I as soon as she showed it to me. It looks amazing centered between the windows but what’s so great about it is that this really IS their happy place.

Have I mentioned yet how important family is to this group? Adding in some floating wall shelves centered around this oversized clock (a favorite trick of mine for tackling a large wall space) gave her some space to add some extra family photos and a few more favorite accents.

This little area near the stairs was the perfect spot for this sweet table to be the anchor for some decorative touches. The windmill fan and letter boards were also a great find of hers! Ambient lighting is soooo important in a room to help it feel warm and cozy and this ended up being a great spot to place a table lamp.

Some other things that help to make a room feel cozy instantly include adding in the perfect rug, some textured throw pillows and blankets, simple curtains and a few touches of greenery. Gen and I were lucky enough to head out together on a quick shopping trip to grab some of these great finds (we totally got back home on time for her to take the boys to the dentist). Check out this action shot from some of the damage done.

I was so happy with this space when it was finished…but what meant even more to me was how happy Genesis was with it. She’s the kind of person who brings joy everywhere she goes and to everyone she sees, so to be even a little part of adding some joy into her daily life was really something special.

Stay gold, friends.

XO, Maja

P.S. Even Marley approves.