With online design services, I don't come out to do any actual work in the space. You are able to DIY if you're up for it! But...if the thought of DIY brings tears to your eyes, you are of course able to use someone you've hired before or someone who has been highly recommended to you.

Do you come out to do any work like painting or hanging things on walls?

I want you to be 100% happy with your room and the process. I will be available for ongoing consultation until your room is complete (pinky swear and cross my heart).

What if I get completely overwhelmed when I start to put my design plan together? 

I will never leave you hanging or wondering what you should do next. Send me an email (even if it’s weeks or months later) and we will figure out a comparable substitute that will slide in seamlessly with your design plan.

What if you recommend a lamp/rug/mirror and I find that it’s sold out or no longer available when I go to buy it?

Ab-soooooo-lutely! There is no need to get all the new things unless you’d like to get all the new things.

what if I have some furniture that I love and want to use. Can you work that into my plan?

You do! As part of the online design process, I work hard to find you the absolute best deal and then let you know exactly what to get and where to find it. There are never any designer markups or hidden fees. Also, if you find something that’s not an exact match to the recommended item but looks super similar and is less expensive, go ahead and grab it! That’s a score.

Who buys the items you select as part of the design plan?

If you aren't totally googly-eyed over what I pull together for you, I absolutely want you to let me know! Online design packages come with unlimited revisions so you can start working with me without any worries. You need to be completely in love with what you are seeing and I’m not happy until you are.

What if I don’t like my initial concept and/or design board? 

A concept board is meant to be your first look at your new space. It's used to give you an idea of the color palette and a sampling of the types of accessories and furniture to be used. Once you approve your concept board and you like the direction we are heading, we move on to creating your final design board. This builds upon your concept board and includes the exact items selected for your space with your budget and floor plan in mind.

What's a concept board? A final design board?

The timeframe can vary a bit with each project but a full online design package typically takes about 4-6 weeks from start to finish.

How long does your online design process take?

Once we decide what service is best for you, I will email you an invoice through PayPal. After the one-time flat design fee, there are no additional costs outside of purchasing your items for the space.

How do I pay you? Are there any other costs that will come up?

You don’t need to try to squeeze yourself into a perfect little package! Get in touch with me and we can figure out what will work for you and go from there.

What if I need something that doesn’t fit into one of the offered services? Or what if I’m not even sure what I need?

Although it’s spelled with a “j’ , it’s just pronounced “Maya”. Very few people get it on the first try (and I certainly don’t expect them to!) so I figured I’d tackle this question for you first.

How do you say your first name?