Top 10 Affordable Pendant Lights |

Top 10 Affordable Pendant Lights

Switching up the lighting fixtures in your space can be a little like getting some new highlights in your hair. People will walk in and know something is different…but won’t necessarily be able to put their finger on it right away (“Did you change your wall color?”). New lights can bring major impact without majorly impacting your wallet. New fixtures don’t need to cost you hundreds…in fact, they don’t even need to cost you ONE hundred. I recently rounded up 10 affordable pendant lights coming in around $100 or less. And some come in wayyyyy under $100…like, I mean one of these babies is under $35.

And….perhaps the best news about these hard working beauties is that they don’t need to be confined to kitchen duty. That juicy tangerine pendant could be perfect for a modern play space. Those rope orbs are practically screaming to be suspended over your dining table. And these glam globes will seriously up the luxury factor in your master when they are hanging as a pair over your bed. Pick your favorite and use it solo, pair it up or group it in a trio for some serious lighting loveliness.


  1. Carmen 4-Light Lantern Pendant, Wayfair, $90.74
  2. Meridia Sputnik Style Chandelier, Poly & Bark, $92.00
  3. Entenza Faceted Geometric Pendant Light, Target, $44.99
  4. Natural Rope Globe Hanging Chandelier, Beautiful Halo, $75.84
  5. Richard One Light Geometric Pendant, Wayfair, $100.90
  6. Sinnerlig Bamboo Pendant Lamp, Ikea, $69.99
  7. Small Shimmer Pendant, PBTeen, $99.00
  8. Warehouse Pendant, Lighting Direct, $69.90
  9. Wyckhoff 1-Light Bell Pendant, Wayfair, $32.99
  10. Young House Love Farmhouse Pendant, Shades of Light, $69.00