Top 10 Farmhouse Pillows |

Top 10 Farmhouse Pillows

Alright! You asked for farmhouse pillows, so farmhouse pillows you will get. I loved rounding up these verrrry affordable options (all coming in under $25) for you. Go ahead and buy a few, not break the bank and totally update your couch. Joanna Gaines would approve.

I went ahead and mixed them up into ready to go combinations for you, so keep scrolling to the bottom to find your favorite and see what other pillows you could use to mix and match. The links to shop are at the bottom of the post so you can shop right from here.

In full disclosure, some of these are actually throw pillow covers. I prefer covers to pillows because you can wash (most of) them and change them out easily. If you have a pillow already, you could use that as an insert OR buy a great insert like the one shown here.

If you do use an insert, keep in mind that you want it to be 2 inches larger than your cover dimensions. This will make sure that it looks full and fluffy and not like a sad sack of sagginess. No one likes a sad sack of sagginess. So if your cover is 20×20, you will want an insert that is 22×22. Feel free to marvel at my amazing math skills.

Keep it farmhouse fresh, y’all.

XO, Maja


1, 2, 8

4, 5, 6

4, 5, 7

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3, 8, 10

1, 8, 9

5, 6, 10

1.) Black + White Buffalo Check Pillow (16×16), Etsy, $19.99

2.) “It’s Good to be Home” Pillow Cover (18×18), Amazon, $7.99

3.) Diamond Throw Pillow (18×18), Target, $18.99

4.) Ticking Stripe Pillow Cover (18×18), Etsy, $16.00

5.) Seabrook Metal Farmhouse Pillow Cover (18×18), Etsy, $13.40

6.) Dash Oversize Lumbar Pillow (12×24), Target, $24.99

7.) Said Square Pillow Cover (18×18), Wayfair, $24.99

8.) Oversized Black Tassel Pillow (14×24), World Market, $19.99

9.) Rustic Number Pillow Cover (16×16), Etsy, $20.99

10.) Studded Trim Decorative Pillow (16×16), Bellacor, $17.85 (SET OF TWO FOR $35.71)