Top 10 Ben Moore Colors for 2019 |

Top 10 Ben Moore Colors for 2019

Ladies and Gents, drumroll please…… I’d like to introduce my favorite Benjamin Moore paint colors for 2019. Some are tried and true, some are bold and new BUT I love them all and hope you’ll feel the same! Keep scrolling to see some additional info and ideas for where you can feature these shades in your home.

  1. PHILADELPHIA CREAM (HC—30): Yellows can be one of the toughest paint colors to nail. When choosing a yellow, take it down several notches from what you think you might like to see on your walls and keep in mind that sometimes the best yellows don’t even have the word yellow in their name. This useful color could work anywhere from a kitchen to a dining room to a bedroom.
  2. WOODLAWN BLUE (HC-147): I’m a huge fan of ambiguous colors that are hard to nail down. Is this gray? Or a soft green? Or a light blue? It’s all of them and none of them at the same time. But I know what it definitely is: a way calming beauty of a shade that would be perfect in a bathroom or bedroom.
  3. CORAL REEF (012): Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2019 is Living Coral and it’s not for the faint of heart. It’s such a cheerful color that plays well with a lot (like most shades of blues, grays and even greens) but it’s definitely a commitment when it comes to walls. This shade by Benjamin Moore brings all the fun but it is a little more toned down. I’m seeing this as the backdrop to a bedroom for one adorable little girl.
  4. CLOUD WHITE (967): Not quite as exciting as the other colors, but equally important. White is not JUST white and it can be one of the harder choices to make. This is an amazing white that gives a true white feel but doesn’t feel too cold or stark. Keep this one as your stand-by for trim, moldings and wood work.
  5. EDGECOMB GRAY (HC-173): This is a classic light greige color that is a solid neutral choice for almost any living space. It’s a no-fail option for a great room or open floor plan.
  6. REVERE PEWTER (HC-172): This is a cult classic for Benjamin Moore and with good reason. It has the same features as Edgecomb Gray and can be used in the same spaces, but is a little bit deeper. I also find that this one is a bit of a chameleon and can appear gray OR beige depending on how much (and what kind of) light it gets as well as what colors are surrounding it. I’m actually currently considering repainting my main areas in this shade!
  7. SILVER CHAIN (1472): While the two colors before this one fall more in the greige family, this is a much truer gray. Finding the right gray can be so much more work than you might think. Some have serious purple, blue, green or beige undertones and one shade might feel too warm while another is way too cool. Silver Chain is a great place to start if you are looking for a classic gray.
  8. TWILIGHT (2850-10): I recently fell in love with this color while helping my cousin find a deep, moody shade of a teal-blue-green. It is beyond beautiful when it is up on the wall and is an amazing choice for an office, study, dining room or accent wall in any space.
  9. BUNKER HILL GREEN (566): This is one happy color that can work with more than you might think! It would be so great in a boy’s room or a playroom paired with some navy and white stripes!
  10. OLD NAVY (2063-10): Navy is one of my favorite colors in general. It can be serious hanging with grays, tans or whites and it can be a little more light-hearted hanging with orange, turquoise or even a bright pink. This navy is deep and rich and pretty much perfect.
    XO, Maja
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