To Trim A Tree: 6 Simple Steps |

To Trim A Tree: 6 Simple Steps

If I had my way, every order of nachos in every restaurant would have cheese on every chip AND I would have a Christmas tree in every room in my house. Seriously, I love those magical little things. There’s something about them that elevates the ordinary and makes it really feel like the special time of year that it is.

While I don’t have a tree in every room, we do have two. The first goes in our family room. This is the tree that gets trimmed out with all the memories and looks the same year after year. We have our traditional egg nog toast in front of this tree before decorating. It’s home to Jack’s preschool ornaments and souvenirs from trips we’ve taken. It’s the tree where Jack gets to help string the lights and hang things where he wants (until he goes to bed and I make some minor adjustments). The second tree is in our living room and gets decorated by me and my glass (or two) of wine. It’s less about memories and more about bringing all the pretty.

Whatever kind of tree you dream of, there are six simple steps that can help you get her all dressed up. Using the current favorite farmhouse trend, I’ll show you how to keep it streamlined and stress-free:

Step 1: Choose your tree. Are you a real fan or artificial fan? Tall and slim or shorter and wider? Flocked or evergreen? They all work their own kind of magic.

Step 2: Choose your lights.Classic white lights never fail and always work…they are like the LBD of Christmas decor. But there are so many more options besides just white or multi-color lights.From globe lights to Edison bulbs to gold caged lights, the list goes on and on….find one that fits your style and start here.

Step 3: Choose your ribbon or garland. I love a super wide ribbon spiraling around the tree. You could use burlap for a rustic version, a simple geometric pattern for a modern tree or a classic plaid for a traditional version. There are also a ton of garland options (check Etsy!) and one of my new favorites is the felt ball version. The ribbon or garland is a good chance for you to set a color palette for your tree.

Step 4: Choose a larger, solid ornament. It helps to start with a base to layer your other ornaments around. In this case, these large twine balls do that and also add some texture and substance. If you’re having trouble, pull from one of the colors in your ribbon or garland to get started.

Step 5: Choose some smaller, decorative ornaments.Varying sizes and textures adds some additional interest. These silver galvanized orbs bring some lightness to the tree while staying with the whole farmhouse vibe. This step is a good chance to bring in a little silver or gold to your tree.

Step 6: Choose a berry or a branch. These are so great when you place them randomly throughout the tree. They can bring in a pop of color and also add a sort of 3-D touch. Head to your favorite craft store online or in town for inspiration. If you’re more of a DIY-er, you can also gather some sticks and spray them a winter white or silver to create your own.

Grab some nog, some wine, or some tea and put on your favorite Christmas jams and get rolling! Once your tree is up and done, tag me in your post on Instagram or Facebook (@roomcobymaja or #roomcobymaja). I’d LOVE to see what’s lighting up your world this Christmas!