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(Van) Gogh Away Art Clutter

If you’re a mom…where is yours? I’m talking about that drawer/closet/box/shelf overflowing with your little one’s artistic creations of all shapes, colors and sizes…and they are all keepers (well, most of them). For a while, I struggled with how to display all these tiny masterpieces. After all, there is only so much room on the fridge door. I decided to do some research and brainstorming to come up with some great ideas that would allow my poor, overworked fridge magnets to breathe a collective sigh of relief…and now I’m hoping to do the same for yours. Read on for some ideas and possible inspiration:

-A stretched burlap canvas is one of my favorite options and one that I use in my own family room. You can find these at any local craft store or online and they are available in a number of different sizes. Personalize it by adding a little trim of your choosing (wide grosgrain ribbon, pom pom fringe, silver nail heads) to the top, bottom and/or sides. You can hang larger ones separately or group four smaller ones together to create a large square. Grab some adorable thumbtacks and you’re ready to hang up that stick family portrait.

-A large front-opening shadow box is along the same lines as the burlap canvas but provides a more “finished” feel. These boxes make it super easy to swap out last week’s green elephant for this week’s purple cat-giraffe-chicken.

-Create a dedicated display area with some floating shelves and inexpensive frames of different sizes showcasing your child’s favorite works du jour. To lighten the mood and create a less serious look, think about spray painting the frames in different fun colors. I mean, it’s no Metropolitan Museum of Art but you’ll definitely have yourself a cute little gallery.

-Another one of my favorite ideas is using simple clipboards in any combo of colors or patterns. One by itself could get lost on a wall but it’s a totally different story when they are hung together in large groups (think 4 rows of 4!) for major impact. You’ve got a total focal point in your playroom and and it doesn’t get any easier to clip and unclip the 72nd finger painting of the week.

My son has always loved seeing his “featured” weekly work of art and my mom guilt has been lightened a bit (at least around this issue, anyhow). I hope one of these ideas will produce the same results for you!